About Miller/Howard Strategic Indexes

Miller/Howard Strategic Indexes was formed by Miller/Howard Investments Inc. to provide strategic index solutions for investors who need or want to invest through exchange-traded and open-end funds, and would rather invest in “smart” solutions than in traditional market-capitalization-weighted indexes. Our indexes are constructed to provide ample “beta” exposure to the subject stock universe, while adding “alpha” through quantifying the lessons learned through active management at Miller/Howard.

We apply a disciplined set of rules governing constitution and rebalancing of the index at regular intervals. For each index, we retain a calculation agent (currently the Chicago Board Options Exchange) to insure that the index calculations are fair and impartial, to manage returns reporting in real time, and to disseminate that information across information platforms. Our indexes are completely transparent as to construction methodology, and the current portfolio is posted on our website after each selection date, as specified in the fact sheet.

Indexes are not funds, but serve as the investment basis for funds that may license the index. One cannot invest directly in an index. Where there are funds that have licensed out an index, their exchange tickers can be found under “Indexes” on this website.

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